upper semi-continuous

upper semi-continuous
полунепрерывный сверху

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  • upper semi-continuous — adjective a) Such that, for each fixed number, the subspace of points whose images are at least that number is closed. b) Such that for each fixed point x there is some neighborhood whose images limit superior is x<nowiki/>s image …   Wiktionary

  • lower semi-continuous — adjective Such that, for each fixed number, the subspace of points whose images are at most that number is closed. See Also: upper semi continuous …   Wiktionary

  • Semi-continuity — For the notion of upper or lower semicontinuous multivalued function see: Hemicontinuity In mathematical analysis, semi continuity (or semicontinuity) is a property of extended real valued functions that is weaker than continuity. A extended real …   Wikipedia

  • Continuous function — Topics in Calculus Fundamental theorem Limits of functions Continuity Mean value theorem Differential calculus  Derivative Change of variables Implicit differentiation Taylor s theorem Related rates …   Wikipedia

  • Upper topology — In mathematics, the upper topology is the least topology defined on a preordered set in which the open sets are the up sets. The lower topology is defined similarly in terms of the down sets.The upper topology on the set {X}=mathbb{R} is defined… …   Wikipedia

  • Graph continuous — In mathematics, and in particular the study of game theory, a function is graph continuous if it exhibits the following properties. The concept was originally defined by Partha Dasgupta and Eric Maskin in 1986 and is a version of continuity that… …   Wikipedia

  • Semi-submersible — For semi submersible boats used for drug smuggling, see Narco submarine. Deepsea Delta semi submersible drilling rig in North Sea …   Wikipedia

  • List of cities by time of continuous habitation — This is a list of present day cities by the time period over which they have been continuously inhabited. The age claims listed are generally disputed and may indeed be obsolete. Differences in opinion can result from different definitions of… …   Wikipedia

  • Extreme value theorem — This article is about continuous functions in analysis. For statistical theorems about the largest observation in a sequence of random variables, see extreme value theory. A continuous function ƒ(x) on the closed interval [a,b] showing the… …   Wikipedia

  • Plurisubharmonic function — In mathematics, plurisubharmonic functions form an important class of functions used in complex analysis. On a Kahler manifold,plurisubharmonic functions form a subset of the subharmonic functions. However, unlikesubharmonic functions (which are… …   Wikipedia

  • Convergence of measures — In mathematics, more specifically measure theory, there are various notions of the convergence of measures. Three of the most common notions of convergence are described below. Contents 1 Total variation convergence of measures 2 Strong… …   Wikipedia

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